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Though Nagpur is an important administration centre with an advantageous geographical location, Nagpur’s economic development has been constrained by the limited development of the hinterland of central India. What has probably held back economic growth in the past is the lack of priority given to the region by successive state governments. As of April 2000, the developmental backlog of the region was Rs. 9830 crores.2 However, with technological developments and overall development of the central hinterland, the scenario is set to change. Nagpur has all the ingredients for emerging as a high quality service centre. The region around Nagpur has a large number of engineering colleges with about 8,600 engineering students graduating every year. This renders Nagpur an attractive location for the IT-ITES industry3. Nagpur’s unique location also makes it a logical and ideal location for a passenger and cargo hub given its strategic position in national and international railway and aviation routes. It may also work on its potential to develop into a significant medical hub, tourism gateway to the hinterland and a power generation centre for the region


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